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Rajasthan is one of the foremost pick of couples when it comes to host a Destination Wedding in India. The cities of this state are quite popular in hosting Destination Weddings from over a decade now. The rich culture and surroundings makes it close to perfect destination for couples to host a wedding. Palace and Fort Destination Weddings are common for nuptials and couples spend a fortune for a Royal wedding planning in Rajasthan. Destination Wedding Planning in India is also popular among the NRIs. Indians in overseas pick among one of the rich cities of Rajasthan to host a Destination Wedding.

(Wedding in Samode – A Wedding Film by Ramit Batra)

It’s true that a Royal wedding in a Fort or Palace in Rajasthan cost a chunk, but does that mean Destination Wedding in Rajasthan is only meant for the affluent? Does that mean spending a chunk only can result Royal?
This post will describe how to plan a Destination Wedding in Rajasthan that is Royal & Pocket- friendly at the same time. Here we have chosen the wonderful city Jodhpur of Rajasthan to give an overview of the costing of wedding planning. Read on…

We know this post is dedicated to Budget wedding planning in Jodhpur, but before we go on to explore that, we would like your attention for an amazing information about Budget wedding planning in Udaipur.

On popular demand: Wedding Planning in Udaipur

Yes, Udaipur, Rajasthan – The destination for Dream Weddings. A destination wedding in Udaipur would cost no less than a crore for an elaborate wedding. Our package would however be an ice breaker. Read how you could plan an incredible Heritage wedding in Udaipur at an unbelieveable budget!!!

Budget: INR 35Lacs and up for 2nights over 100 guests.

Inclusions: Accommodation in heritage property + Venue for functions+ F&B + Decor for 3 functions + DJ + Emcee + Photography + MUA for bride (T&C).

We are promoting Heritage property which would give you a feeling of Palace wedding in Udaipur. This property has 50+ distinguished rooms to host the stay of your guests and 3 amazing venues to choose from  for your wedding festivities. More amazing is, you secure your privacy by booking  this property to yourself for 2-3 days for your wedding alone.

Few glimpses of the property below:

budget wedding planning in jodhpur

Wedding Facts & Tariff:
  • •Accommodation: 50+ Distinguished rooms, Standard, Deluxe, Heritage rooms, Priced from INR8K + GST onwards
  • •Venue: Hall/Lawn/Banquet/Pool rental: INR 50K onwards per function
  • •F&B: Lunch + Hi Tea + Dinner (veg/non veg buffet) = INR 2500+ GST onwards per person per day
  • •Liquor: IMFL,Bar set up, beer, ice, juices = INR 2500+ GST onwards per person

budget wedding planning in jodhpur

Decor + Entertainment & other services:
  • •Decor: Art set, Design, Florals, drapes, lights, props, sound and genset etc: INR 2Lacs onwards for Pre wedding function and INR 2.5Lacs onwards for wedding function
  • •DJ & Emcee DJ with music console + emcee = INR 75K onwards
  • •Bride + Groom Procession + Jaimala Bride procession in floral coverlet or palanquin,
    groom procession in horse with brass band or dholi, jaimala with confetti showers = INR 1.5Lac onwards
  • •Photo + Video Candid + Traditional still + video = INR 2.5Lac onwards.
  • •MUA Pre wedding function: INR 15K + GST onwards for bride. Wedding function: INR 20K + GST onwards for bride, Party make up INR 2K onwards

budget wedding planning in jodhpur

budget wedding planning in jodhpur

budget wedding planning in jodhpur

Hope the above would give you a basic understanding on the kind of Heritage wedding we are proposing in Udaipur. We assure you this as your best budget deal ever for your dream wedding in Udaipur. Thank us later 🙂

You may now read facts on Budget Wedding Planning in Jodhpur:

Assume that you are a group of 100 and looking for property options in Jodhpur with typical requirements like Stay, F&B, Decor, Entertainment, Photo Video, Msc. You desire something Royal and also seeking budget wedding planning in Jodhpur.

There are few handpicked 5* Palace properties in Jodhpur which may charge 75% of your total wedding budget just for the stay of your guests. They do not fall in the ‘Budget wedding planning in Jodhpur’ category and hence , checked out from your list.

Relatively, there are other Superior properties which offer world class facilities ,excellent hospitality and perfect opportunity to celebrate a Royal Wedding and the great news is they also fit the category of ‘Budget wedding planning in Jodhpur’.

Classic Properties like The Bijolai Palace, The Ranbanka Palace, The Indana Palace Hotel among others  are becoming much popular in terms of Destination Weddings, as these hold splendor of the by- gone age. A real Royal Wedding can be celebrated in these mansions and that too at a low cost.

budget wedding planning in Jodhpur - Indana Palace
Jodhpur – Indana Palace


Jodhpur, capital of Marwar-state has a number of Royal Mansions and these are among the best restored. These properties are renovated and converted into a heritage hotel. Guest can now experience the famous Marwari hospitality and relive the glory of a bygone age. Situated in the heart of city, these properties also  allows easy accessibility to several tourist spots.

Budget wedding planning in Jodhpur
Indana Palace- Jodhpur

Royal Welcome to their guests, world class amenities, excellent hospitality, various venues for celebrating festivities. Inventory of 70+ rooms and above each property.




These properties have an inventory of more than 70+ well appointed  rooms , dividing into standard, deluxe , super deluxe and elegant suites with charges ranging within RS  9-15k + GST per room per night.These rooms can be appointed on a twin or three sharing basis , extra bed can be arranged on extra charges.
If you are a group of 70-100 people and looking for an intimate wedding planning in Jodhpur on a budget, then you could book 30-40 rooms in two or three sharing basis (given to prior bookings of rooms).

budget wedding planning in jodhpur
Indana Palace – Jodhpur

The cost of accommodation for 100 People taking 40 rooms calculation: Number of Rooms X Room Rent X Number of Days = Budget.
NOTE:The cost may vary depending on the number of days of the function and season.


Each of these properties has venues which could cater to your pre wedding and wedding functions. Venues could be anything like AC Banquet, lawn area, swimming pool area or any special area of the property dedicated for wedding functions.

budget wedding planning in jodhpur
Indana Palace- Jodhpur

However the properties may exempt venue charges, if you guarantee the minimum number of rooms for stay. But if there’s a charge, it could be something like below

Here is a basic understanding on venue charges:

  • •Classic Property: Venue Charges may vary from INR 1Lac + GST and up Per function (T&C)

Breakfast is included in room tariff in most of the star properties, so you pay for another 2 meals and a snack, i.e. Lunch, Dinner & Hi-Tea respectively. Here is the breakdown on per person basis…

  • •Classic Property: Lunch INR 1500 + GST onwards, Dinner: INR 1600 + GST onwards, Hi-Tea: INR 600 + GST onwards. Wedding Feast: Lunch or Dinner: INR 2500 + GST onwards.

The cost mentioned above would be applicable for veg/non-veg meals. The cost per person of wedding feast may depend on the elaborate menu. You may also request DIY snack stalls or BBQ by paying extra charges.


Corkage is not allowed at most of the properties, so you may have to buy liquor from hotel. You may have options of packages and payment. You may have to pay INR 2000 + GST onwards per person for IMFL Liquor served for 2-3 Hours. For foreign liquor or any other special requests, you may have to pay in advance to the hotel.


Here’s where you could work out and save some bucks. Decorations play a prime role to enhance the look of the venue. It could make your wedding celebration outstanding, however you need to understand where you could work out and save. Also it largely depends on your décor designer or planner (Please, I am not speaking of any flower decorator here), as they are likely to charge more or less depending on their creativity standards.

budget wedding planning in jodhpur
Decor sample

However here’s an understanding of how and what we charge as a standard cost for standard décor for budget wedding planning in Jodhpur, India. Here is a general observation of décor for functions comprising 100 guests…

  • •Pre Wedding Function: Likely to be Engagement, Sangeet, Mehendi or any similar function: Décor starts from INR 2L + GST per function, this cost may include décor of structures, drapes, florals, lights, related props, also furniture to some extent.
  • •Wedding Function: Likely to be the Wedding day function followed by Reception: Décor starts from INR 3.5L + GST per function, this cost may include décor of several structures, drapes, florals, lights, related props, also furniture to some extent.
  • •Theme Party: Pool party, Bollywood sangeet, Masquerade themed reception are a few ideas of theme parties you could arrange to engage your guests, these have particular décor sets which may cost you from INR 2L + GST per theme.

Tip: Choose from locally sourced elements for wedding in Jodhpur. Locally sourced elements would make the décor come to life.

Tip: Décor of Vibrant colored drapes, Traditional rajasthani props, elegant lighting – would make your wedding in Jodhpur, a spectacular one.



Sangeet/ Mehendi or any other similar function following could be typical requirements:
You may choose from the below options and calculate your wedding entertainment budget. The budget shall shrink if you choose wisely from the options below. As your wedding planner for some help.

Wedding in Jodhpur: Puppetry
Wedding in Jodhpur: Puppetry
  • Jodhpur Favorite: Most interesting will be hiring a Folk dance troupe very local to Jodhpur and engage your wedding guests with awe dance performances of Ghoomar, traditional dance form of Rajasthan, These troupes may charge INR 30K + GST onwards
  • DJ with music console: A standard local DJ charges around INR 30K + GST onwards. However there endless limits if you want o spend, you can hire celebrity DJ who plays for high class parties, night clubs and savvy events at INR 80K+ GST onwards.
  • •Male/Female Anchor: To engage your guests, you have to hire good looking and appealing hosts. So the need of a standard Anchor/Male comes at a cost of INR 10K + GST onwards. However you may hire celebrity Anchor/Male who hosts fashion events, bollywood events at a cost of INR 30K + Taxes onwards. Female/Anchors are expensive you may have to shell out INR 15K + GST onwards for a standard and INR 40K + GST onwards for celebrity anchors. Also, you may note that you may have to bear the expenses of travel/food/stay of these artists, if they are not sourced locally.
  • •Mehendi Artiste: So, this is the most important service for any mehendi function and costs may vary. For bridal henna full hands/legs costs starts from INR 15K + GST onwards, whereas for individual guests cost starts from INR 2K + GST onwards, per guest.
  • •Lady singers with Dholki: A group of 6 ladies may come at a cost of around INR 25K + GST onwards


  • Groom Procession in Elephant/Camel : Groom entry shall be the highlight of the wedding. Camels could be easily sourced in Jodhpur, so a groom procession in Camel with brass band shall take the wedding theme to the level of luxury. This service may cost INR 50K + GST onwards.
  • Bride Entry in Palanquin with traditional folk dance: A bride may enter the wedding venue in a decorated palanquin followed by a folk dance performance specially choreographed for the entry. Could cost around INR 45K + GST onwards.
  • Jaimala: A decorated Stage with confetti showers, 2 flower garlands, along with back ground music may cost around INR 30K + GST. If you wish for some more effects like a hydraulic stage with cold showers, fireworks etc then costs may start from INR 50K + GST onwards.

Certainly! This is one of the major aspects while comprehending the services cost of budget wedding planning  in Jodhpur However the cost for this service depends upon the fame & quality of the photographer, but generally it could range from anything in the following:

  • •Candid Photography Stills: INR 25K + GST onwards Per Function
  • Traditional Photography Stills: INR 15K + GST onwards Per Function
  • •Traditional Videography: INR 40K + GST onwards Per Function
  • Cinematography/ Wedding Film: INR 60K + GST onwards Per Function
  • •Pre Wedding shoot: INR 20K + GST onwards for 8hours shoot
  • Pre Wedding Video: INR 40K + GST onwards for teaser & film.

Also, you may note that you may have to bear the expenses of travel/food/stay of these artists, if they are not sourced locally. Guess you would not like to compromise and would need all the above mentioned photography services, so calculate your budget accordingly.


This is the most important service NOT ONLY for the brides but for the grooms as well.  But then, the charming service which helps you doll up for your bid day comes with a price tag! Now let’s evaluate the cost for this service:

Destination Wedding in India - Cost of Make up services
Destination Wedding in India – Cost of Make up services
  • •Bridal Make up & Hair do: INR 20K + GST onwards for the bride on her wedding day, includes, make up, hair do, draping etc.
  • •Pre Wedding Function Make up for Bride: INR 10K + GST onwards per pre wedding function includes, make up, hair do, draping etc.
  • Groom Make up + Draping: INR 15K + GST onwards for the bride on her wedding day, includes, make up, hair do, draping etc
  • •Pre Wedding Function Make up for Groom: INR 8K + GST onwards per pre wedding function includes, make up, hair do, draping etc.
  • •Make Up/ Touch up, per guest: INR 2K + GST onwards for per pre wedding/ wedding function includes, make up, hair do, draping etc.

Also, you may note that you may have to bear the expenses of travel/food/stay of these artists, if they are not sourced locally.


An important aspect which cannot be overlooked for budget wedding planning in Jodhpur . Travel to the destination is generally paid by the guests themselves so I would skip this part.Travel within the destination which could be anything like airport/ station transfers, hotel to venue travel or going sightseeing. So the costs would be somewhat around the following:

  • •Luxury Bus, 49 seater: INR 25K + GST onwards for 8hours, cost may not depend on KMs in this case.
  • •AC coaches, 12 seater: INR 10K + GST onwards for 8hours, cost may depend on KMs or Hours, whichever is greater.
  • •AC Car 5-8 seater: INR 3K + GST onwards for 8hours, cost may depend on KMs or Hours, whichever is greater
  • •Vintage Car: INR 10K + GST onwards for 5hours maximum.

Tip: You may note, Jodhpur fine linked with the major cities of India and Abroad through Airways. Flights operate from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad. Railways and Roadways are very developed and connect nearby cities.

So technically, you pay depending on your schedule and requirement.


Apart from the essentials, if you wish for some extra services, you would have to set your budget accordingly. You could add any of the following or other services of your choice to your requirement and budget list. Say…

Puppet shows, Folk music players, Caricature artists, live bangle makers, fire jugglers, tattoo artists, comedian and the list is endless.

Are you thinking that this is no more a category of ‘Budget Wedding Planning in Jodhpur’? Need a compact Royal Planning Package in a Budget? We will make it easier for you! Just browse under…

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