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Do you know? Six out of Ten couples prefer the idea of a Destination Wedding. Be it in India or abroad, couples do not mind exploring and the strong reason backing it is ‘Adventure’!

The most thrilling aspect of a destination wedding is its ‘out-of-home’ nature. ‘Out’ is ‘in’ for today’s wedding when the demand rises from ‘out-of-box’ ideas to ‘out-of-box’ creativity and now ‘out-of-home’ venues.
A destination wedding could be relatively cheaper than that of a traditional wedding if the focus is on niche ideas and guest list.

Arranging a destination wedding requires more ‘savvy’. A specialized team of wedding planners could turn a couple’s fantasy to reality by organizing their wedding with skills that work magic.

Destination Wedding: Quote
Destination Wedding: Quote

India has a lot to offer when choices are made for a wedding destination. From the sizzling cool North to the cozy & warm South or from the bright & green East to the kitschy & royal West, Diwas, brings to you on platter the wedding destinations every couple would love.

North India: Mountains,forests,rivers – the most unconventional spots are the glory of north.

Destination Wedding:
Destination Wedding: North India


    • Wedding Destinations:Our favorite picks are Shimla, Manali, Kasauli, Chail, Rishikesh and Jim Corbett amongst others.
    • Wedding Venues: Hill top inns, Luxury camps and Forest resorts could do more justice to a destination wedding.

South India: An array of Beaches, Backwaters, and coffee & tea estates adorns the south.

Destination Wedding: India
Destination Wedding: South India
      • Wedding Destinations: Our favorite ones are Alleppey, Munnar, Coorg, Hampi, Hyderabad and Ooty amongst others. Also the wonder lands of Andamans are a great alternative.
      • Wedding Venues: Beachside resorts, Tea estate resorts and palatial properties could do justice to a destination wedding.

East India: Heritage, Beaches and forests are the splendor spots of the East.

        • Wedding Destinations: Our favorite picks are Bhubaneswar, Puri, Mandarmani and Dooers amongst others.
        • Wedding Venues: Heritage properties, beachside resorts and Luxury camps could do justice to a destination wedding.

West India: Royal heritage, beaches, valleys, vineyards are the wealth of the west..

Destination Wedding: India
Destination Wedding: West India


          • Wedding Destinations: Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Goa, Lonavala, Alibaug, Nasik are our favorite picks amongst others. Also the wonder lands of Daman & Diu are great alternatives.
          • Wedding Venues: Palatial properties, beachside resorts, Vineyard resorts could do justice to a destination wedding..



General services prior to your Big Day, includes…

            1. 01) Ongoing Consultations: To determine location, style, vision, tradition etc that would be included on your big day.
            2. 02) Unlimited phone & email availability:
            3. 03) Negotiate total group and travel inclusions.

Pre-wedding services will include…

            1. 01) Complete origin side planning: Determining budget, contracting vendors, obtaining best offers & quotations.
            2. 01) Managing RSVPs, making travel arrangements and hotel bookings for guests.
            3. 01) Assistance in designing décor, menu & entertainment.
            4. 01) Comprehensive wedding day schedule/timeline for you and all your vendors.
            5. 01) Acquiring necessary licenses & permissions
            6. 01) Wedding etiquette guidance.

Wedding Day Services will include…

          • 01) Being your help desk during the entire wedding event.
          • 01) Managing logistics and ground arrangements of your event along with Assistant Coordinators
          • 01) Planning of detailed checklist, ensure sync in the flow of events & timeline
          • 01) Coordination of deliveries of the vendors.
          • 01) Looking after transportation, pick up & drop service, arrange hotel check-in& out.
          • 01) Guide you, your wedding party and guests graciously throughout the events
Wedding Planner Package including Consultancy + Planning + Coordination @ INR 20000 + Tax (t&c) Read details here

From the Four Poles of India, we sorted most sought after Destinations and bring you our top Wedding Planning Packages. Browse the following:

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