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We collect experiences by travel, home and meeting new people! Wedding planning is lot more to explore than just sticking to office and designing strategies

Meet the People behind the scenes: –

  • Team DiwasDebarati Chowdhury: Co-founder & Chief Nuptial Artiste: A creative artist, writer & out-of-the-box thinker, she leads the creative division amongst all the services offered by the company. Having dedicated love for unconventional ideas and keen eye for detail, she creates unique yet ecstatic experiences for her wedding couples and their families. Her bubbly personality creates an energetic environment that allows her clients to open up and gel well with her and more often end up being friends.Being a post graduate in Public Relations she also handles marketing & media management for the company. Debarati is a well travelled person and is also passionate about writing; she is also the editor of Diwas’s official blog.
  • Mamata Chowdhury Mamata Chowdhury:Co-founder & Financial Adviser: An organized mentor and administrator, she is the Co-founder and Financial Advisor of the company. She takes the major financial decisions of the company and takes care of the overall administration of each distinguished team of the company.

Diwas boasts of an incredibly spirited & dynamic team to plan & execute amazing events anywhere in India and abroad. At Diwas we are truly passionate about the art of wedding planning and finding the place where elegance meets creativity.

Diwas is growing better by earning the trust of its Indian & NRI clients. Diwas’s clients includes several important profiles from the world of finance and well respected persons in India and abroad.

Our Dream Client

We look for clients who are adventurous; open to collaborating and up for doing something that’s never been done. Our favorite clients are ones that trust us to do our thing and understands that our service is a luxury and our work is our passion.

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